Green Gem® Chlorella Tablets offer you better protection!

    Washing hands  Wearing mask     Boosting Immunity is more important!
    Green Gem® Chlorella Tablets offer you better protection!

    Green Gem® Chlorella Tablet is the first chlorella health food received national certification for “immune regulation”.
    Immune Regulation
    Animal study results indicate that this product has the following effects:
    (1) To facilitate proliferation of immune cells
    (2) To stimulate production of serum IgG antibodies

    Blood Sugar Regulation
    Human study results prove that this product is helpful to blood sugar regulation for people with higher fasting blood glucose.
    Green Gem® Chlorella Tablet is a precious and natural multivitamin, and it contains the quadruple of phytonutrients, including proteins, nucleic acids, chlorophyll and vitamin B12. This product is an excellent health food providing comprehensive health care for the entire family!
    Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company was founded in 1964
    Taiwan No. 1   Expert in Chlorella
    1. Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company has been interviewed and filmed by the Discovery Channel regarding global chlorella manufacturing
    2. The only food manufacturer selected to participate in the Exhibition of the First Predominant Industries in Taiwan by the Office of the President
    3. First choice of chlorella health food products for 5 years consecutively based on reader reviews of the Common Health Magazine