Product Description
    Green Gem® Chlorella Extract Powder Capsule

    Health benefits of our CGF capsule
    • Nucleic acids (RNA, DNA)—The nutrient and the source of vitality to keep young
    • Chlorella polysacchairdes—To regulate physiological functions against external environmental threats
    • Natural vitamin B12—To maintain the health of RBC and neurological system, which is the most likely missing nutrient among vegetarians
    • Unsaturated fatty acids (e.g. linoleic acid, α- linoleic acid)—Is the PPARs agonist to reduce fat accumulation and improve health
    • Glutathione, SOD and dietary fiber—To increase metabolism and detoxification
    • Comprehensive essential amino acids—To boost up vitality and make you feel full of energy
    • Natural phyto-capsule—This is a safe and healthy food for vegetarians

    Suggested Use: 2 capsules daily for regular maintenance, consume with water before meals;4 capsules daily to intensity physical conditions;6 capsules daily during and after major illness for recovery